Roof & Wall Sheet maintaince and handling

Take care while on transport

  • 1 During transit do not club incompatible items like cement, chemical, etc. along with the wall and roof sheet.
  • 2 Place the sheets on a cushion like rubber or wood and secure the cushioning well.

Examine the material

  • 1 Once the metal sheets arrive, make sure they are not damaged during the transit.
  • 2 Check for the presence of any moisture in the panels. If found, keep them elevated and dry in a safe and sunny place.
  • 3 If any bending or denting is noticed inform the delivery agent as well as the manufacturer at the earliest. To resolve any damage issue during transit, follow the instructions by the manufacturer about how the damage should be dealt with and communicated.

Care before, during and after the installation

  • 1 The finish of the sheets should be protected during the installation procedure.
  • 2 Unpack, move and handle the sheet very gently to protect the painted surface from damage.
  • 3 Do not drag one sheet through the surface of another one. This will no doubt wear away the appearance and give the sheets a matte and dented look.

Proper storage

  • 1 Do not encourage prolonged storage of sheets. If stored, try to keep away from damp environments. Look for manufacturer instruction regarding the storage of the sheets.
  • 2 Sheets should always be kept at an upright position with slightly leaning on an interior wall.
  • 3 There should enough airflow within the panels to keep away moisture.
  • 4 Draping with a tarpaulin is the best option and covering with plastic is a big no-no.
  • 5 The metal panels should not be kept in close contact with other dissimilar metal like copper or lead. Any strong acid can also cause serious damage to the sheets.